A Child's Eye View

A Project by the Children of the White Building, Phnom Penh


There are some things which only children can see....


Come and join us in the discovery of another vision upon the White Building and its residents.

Learn about an iconic example of post-colonial architecture through the eyes of some of its youngest inhabitants, who prove the artistic legacy of the White Building.


Over a period of three weeks children of the White Building have been developing, through a series of workshops, a range of work in animation, video, photography and mapping. Here children take up basic media technology as an eye upon their world and come to apply it in questions of collectivity, community, divisions of “us” and “them” and the sense of authorship in our shared and lived spaces.


This program is realized as part of Sa Sa Art Projects' Pisaot Experimental Arts Residency with Emma Ota and Aziza School


About the White Building


The White Building, originally known as Bassac Municipal Apartments, was built in the 1960s by Cambodian architect Lu Ban Hap and Russian architect Vladimir Bodiansky as part of the Bassac River Front cultural complex. It was one of the city's first examples of low-cost multi-storey housing, and specifically intended to house artists, cultural workers and municipal staff. After forced evacuation during the 1975-79 regime, some of the former residents returned to the neighbourhood. Today, the White Building is one of the city's most vibrant communities, housing more than 2,500 residents, including classical dancers, master musicians, skilled craftspeople, cultural workers, civil servants, and street vendors. However, the neighbourhood is cloaked in stigma associated with poverty, drugs, sex work, petty crime, dangerous construction and poor sanitation. Within this context, Sa Sa Art Projects and its partners aim to celebrate this significant architecture, revive the spirit of the art community, and challenge the misconceptions about this neighbourhood.